whats so special

Why Moodlytics?

Here, are some features, which out stands Moodlytics uniquely from others and makes it special for us:

Moodlytics allows us to track our past moods too. In case we forget to track our moods at times, we can track it anytime later. Quite friendly.

Apart from moods, Moodlytics can track various other parameters like reason, responsible person for it. It also allows taking notes and pictures. That’s really amazing!

Adding new moods and categories (reasons) apart from those already available is as easy as ABC. Wow! It’s awesome.

Creating one or more Mood tracking profiles as reminders for mood tracking gives a shining and smooth touch to the Application. Too flexible!

We may require a privacy or security for our moods tracked. Don't worry moodlytics provides you with controlling the access to your data. Yes! It’s secure too.

Application's ability to take backups and restore them at any point completely eliminates the threat of loosing our precious data.That’s really nice and caring.

Did we say about visuals, attractive and colorful interface, charts and analytics tools and so on? Huh! It’s really awesome. Moodlytics in real sense is a mantra to Happiness… Yup! It’s really a special!!!

Confused : Disoriented with regards to one's sense of time, place or identity.

I am confused that the person whom I saw today in the morning was my classmate?