Let's start journey towards Happiness! We will drive through Dashboard of the application to last mile till the happiness. We're sure after this journey you would love to try Moodlytics.


Dashboard would be first screen that would appear on each visit to application. It comes with required options to access all the features from one single place.

Let’s see what one can do on being dashboard.

  • Track mood
  • Analyze mood
  • Set Goals

  • Configure Mood tracking profiles

  • Personalize settings

Track your mood

It’s a very simple, elegant and flexible interface allowing tracking moods and defining the revolving parameters like:

For logging the moods you have a list of expressive moods with the scientific colour assigned to them.

  • Time span

  • Reason

  • Responsible person

  • Some more details or description

  • Any associated photos/pictures


The Analysis interface comes with a wide range of options to search and analyse the history of moods, covering:

  • Analysis by Moods

  • Analysis by Persons

  • Analysis by Reasons

  • Analysis by Time


As more and more moods will be tracked and hence analysed, a crystal clear picture of influence of people, surroundings and other factors in one’s life will evolve.

So Moodlytics offers to set goals keeping in reference the analysis and previous history.


As of today everyone is too busy in their life and hence there is an equal possibility that one can easily slip out of tracking moods regularly.

So to help tracking mood at frequent or regular intervals, the application would remind you at your specified and convenient timings.

Mood tracking profile interface allows configuring a reminder comprising of the days and time span to remind and how many times to repeat in a day.


Allows you to customize moodlytics to personalize your settings accordingly. You can,

  • Manage Moods (Add new or Edit/Delete existing ones)
  • Manage Categories (Add new or Edit/Delete existing ones)
  • Privacy Setup (Configure Privacy Settings & Recovery Options)
  • Reminder Settings (Configure Sound & Vibration options)
  • Backup & Restore
  • Buy Features (Unlocks paid features)

Manage Moods

Manage moods allows you to customize moods. You can always have options to,

  • Add New Moods
  • Change Mood's name or photo
  • Delete Moods

** Same applies for Manage Categories too

Select Mood

Our Mood changes according to the situations we come across. Considering such variations, Moodlytics provides you with scientifically proven colors for each of the moods in accordance with their effect on human mind. Each of the icon is so designed as to have an attractive, beautiful and elegant look.