What is Tired? Tired is a state of being too weary or feeling very exhausted

Colour for Tired? Chrome Yellow is a colour for Tired, a weary shade of yellow colour.

Tired can be termed as temporary loss of strength and energy resulting from hard physical or mental work. This can further synchronize into bore state. These can be physical or psychological, or both. Being overweight, the body has to work harder just to do daily routine work. Being too thin, the muscles may not be strong enough to do everyday things without becoming tired. Psychologically Worries and stress makes one feel tired - especially when one cannot see a way out of their problems. Insomnia, depression, everyday difficulties, emotional shock and expecting too much of ourselves cam make us feel tired.

In order to overcome tiredness, one needs to improve the sleeping habits, taking some exercises (Yoga) especially, cut off caffeine, planning daily/weekly tasks and have realistic expectations.