Moodlytics Philosophy

Here are some globally accepted facts:

  • Happiness is the ultimate destiny for everyone
  • Everyone tries a lot to gain more happiness
  • Everyone needs someone to express their feelings
  • Complex problems are mostly fixed by simple solutions
  • Changing human nature is really hard

We never realize that happiness lies in each moment we live! The happiness which we felt for an hour is a cumulative result of small chunks of happiness gained during each and every moments and so on. Wow, so staying happy more frequently can deliver 'A Happy Life' and the reason could be we ourself, our friends, our family, our work and so on.

Moodlytics team believes that if we can track all those positive or negative moments and by doing root cause analysis can result amazing facts about ourselves. Such facts, hard to know otherwise. Knowing those simple facts, we can solve complex puzzles of happiness. Means, just by avoiding negative factors and people from our life we can feel more positive and happy. Of-course this won't happen overnight without considering such avoidance as a sincere goal. So that's how we derived the mantra of Moodlytics towards Happiness.

The mantra to happiness only works when you bring it in your nature and make it a habit. Since for humans changing nature is not so easy, we need a companion who can guide us to master the mantra of happiness.

Moodlytics as an app, tries to be our companion for happiness. We crafted this app with a purpose to keep a track of our moods, factors and people influencing our life and most importantly negative factors. We provide with visual tools to analyze mood history and find out the real root cause of negative factors having influence in our life. Use goal setting tool to set our goals. Last but not the least, Moodlytics will remind us to keep tracking our moods even while we are not using the app!

Makes sense? We bet, No one would regret the time which they will spend on trying Moodlytics. Visit our Download section to try it out!

Happy : Enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment.

I am happy today as I got my first smart phone.