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Here you can have a look at all the features of Moodlytics which makes it special and way to happiness for life.

Moodlytics Features

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Application Privacy

Allows you control the access to the Moodlytics. Unlocking the application requires a predefined unlock pattern. Keeps your data private and secure.

Additional Recovery

Allows you to reset application’s privacy. In case if you forget the unlock pattern the you can set a small 4 digit passcode or security question as additional recovery.

Track unlimited Moods

Allows you to track your current moods. Through this you can track unlimited moods.

Track Past Moods

Allows you to track your moods of past time. In case you were busy or forgot to track moods you can always have this option to log it later.

Save/Tag Photos for Moods

Allows you to save/tag a photo depicting your mood. Helps in recalling the situation and getting memories more clear.

Custom Moods & Categories

You can easily add and define new custom moods and categories of your choice anytime.

Mood Tracking Profiles

Allows you to set reminders to track mood even when you are not using the application. A profile contains the collection of days, time and number of repeats for the reminder.

Set Goals

Allows you to set goals for happiness after analyzing the root causes of negative and positive factors in life.

Mood Analytics

Allows you to analyze your tracked moods. Helps in finding amazing facts in life. Performs a root cause analysis for the positive and negative factors in your life.

Analyze last 10 Moods Unlimited Analysis

Data Backup

Keeps a secure copy of your data on your SD Card. In case you loss your data or if something goes wrong, you can always restore your precious mood’s data quite easily anytime with just a single click.


Moodlytics for android device is available on following store(s) Google Play.