What is Bore? Boredom is a feeling to weary by dullness, tedious repetition, unwelcome attention. Boredom in life means life is demanding for change in some action

Colour for Bore? Colour of boredom is moon raker a dull pink colour.

Human life is unlike a machine’s life or animals, machines are built to do some fix task while animals they are living being like us but they don’t have 6th sense like us thus they have a very monotonous life doing their daily task like eating and sleeping. Unlike human’s life is filled with lots of drama, excitement and innovation and when any of this three factors is missing life becomes bore.

Boredom is not any negative or a positive feeling but yes it can be converted into a positive feeling by adding some spark in life, to find that spark in life take a deep breath in fresh air because that spark is in your brain only you just need blow some fresh air to bring that out from there.