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Steps to heal broken friendships and make it work again

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Steps to heal broken friendships and make it work again

Steps to heal broken friendships and make it work again

People say that once you are friends with someone, it is for a lifetime, but that is hardly true. Friendships are built on the trust that two people equally invest in each other, and when one of them breaks that trust, it can be very hard to mend it back. We are going to have enough people and enough circumstances in life that will put us down, and in that moment we will need our friends. So this is how you can initiate the process of mending a broken friendship –

  • Think about why it happened: In most situations it is a little thing that ends a valuable bond of friendship between two people, just because they weren’t transmitted in a healthy way. Try to remember why you went different ways and if you were the one to blame, it should be you who initiates it. Even if it is clear that the other person was at fault for you to end your friendship with him, be the bigger person and let go of any bad blood between you two. You must choose what is more important to you, you ego or the fruitful relationship you both shared and cherished.
  •  Talk it out: Just call them u or even better, go visit them at their place and talk it all out. Make them realize what their friendship meant to you and important that person is in your life. Reestablish that confidence that either of you may have lost in each other and build it even stronger than it was before. If you are at fault, be brave and apologize to your friend, it won’t make them think any less of you. If you done something awful and have driven them away from you, send them a message or a voicemail letting them know how terrible you feel about it.
  •  Grow from it: Being as optimistic as we can and believing that time will heal everything, some wounds become scars and never truly heal. Maybe you were too late in forgiving someone or too late in asking for a friend’s forgiveness, let it be a lesson to you about how important the bond of friendship is. Let the lost friend be a constant reminder of how hard it is to find a true friend and when you find one, you must hold on to them.

Steps to be Happy at Work

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Steps to be Happy at Work

Steps to be Happy at Work

Working is the basic necessity of livelihood for adults is to work, whether it is labor or working in an office. But working can be too overwhelming sometimes and may get depressive due to the environment or the amount of stress that comes with the job. Follow these steps to reduce some of that stress and be happy at work.

1. Wake up early for work: Before the rush hour of work begins, have some time for you. Have a healthy breakfast and some meditation to soothe your nerves and prepare you for the long day ahead. When you  start you day off on the right foot, the day becomes a lot livelier and  you have the strength to go on.

2.  Dress yourself well: Like they say, dress for a job that you want and not for the one you have. When  you dress good and look good, you feel good and also to the people around you. Well combed hair and an ironed shirt will pick you up when you’re tired and see yourself in the mirror.

3.  Leave your personal problems behind: We don’t prefer working when we are at home relaxing, so why bring your problems to the workspace where you can be free from them? Although keeping  emotions in check may be difficult sometimes but treat your workspace as your time off from your problems at home, it’ll be your safe haven from your troubles and make you happier at work.

4.  Socialize with your colleagues: We as human are desperate for any kind of human interaction possible, so being friendly with your coworkers will always make the workspace a happier place. Interacting with your colleagues and befriending them will make the work experience even better and  always make you want to come to work.

How to deal with an unsupportive family and friends

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How to deal with an unsupportive family and friends

How to deal with an unsupportive family and friends

Either in depression, in the midst of a crisis or sharing the best possible news you’d ever have received, family and friends are the people you rush towards to confide, take advice and claim support from. You always expect them to be I building blocks and the guiding light in your life that stand be you in every decision and every circumstance that may ever arrive. However, in the desperate times when you need their love and support the most, you might feel that they are being unsupportive or even offensive towards your decisions or feelings. Such lack of support from your friends and family may be even more depressing and disheartening, but you cannot break down and be discouraged. You can use these tips to deal with your unsupportive family and friends and understand their reasons for doing so.

  • Give them benefit of the doubt: If they are the people you go to in times of help and grief, you must know them well enough to analyze their feeling towards the discontent they show.  Maybe the environment they grew up in, or the times they were raised in were different from the ones you have been and the difference of opinion makes their support towards your feelings or ideas different.
  • Support Yourself: If you truly believe that their discontent towards you is uncalled for and your family and friends are being unsupportive without reason, be your own supporter. Believing in yourself is more than enough the motivation you need to get yourself up and going in the direction you want to. Even if the entire world does not support the cause you uphold to, it is only your own backing that you require to succeed at anything you want.
  • Help them understand your side of the story: Maybe the discontent and lack of support your friends and family show towards you is because they don’t completely understand your side of the story. If it is absolutely vital for you to have them on your side with whatever you’re undertaking, make sure you convey them the importance of their support and what it would mean to you. In most cases a little misconception is all that stand in your way and your friends and family.

7 ways on how one can find happiness in life

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7 ways on how one can find happiness in life

7 ways on how one can find happiness in life

A plant needs earth to grow; it needs water to nurture and sunlight to blossom into a beautiful flower that brings joy to other people. The same way are human beings, we need air to breathe, food and water to nurture ourselves and happiness to blossom our souls. Here are some steps that you can use to be happy when things get you down –

  1. Be with the person and people who cheer your heart and make you smile, for they are your true friends. If you don’t feel like smiling, still be with them because their joyfulness will rub off on you and change the way you perceive the situation you are currently in.

        2. Have faith in what you believe and stick with the things you find value in, since they will keep you happy even                   when people turn their back on you.

        3. Being negative about a circumstance or a person is something that comes naturally, but imagining the good in                  the bad is what makes life happier, one moment at a time.

        4. Enjoy what you do in life whether it is work or your daily tasks do things that you truly love and you will be                        happy every day. Being happy and poor may not be a glamorous opinion, but it is any day a better choice than                  being rich but unhappy.

        5. Find purpose in what you do every day and work for the greater cause, whether it is religiously or a                                        humanitarian approach, there is no greater good than doing something for others.

        6. Push yourself to doing news things, reaching new points in life but don’t push other people to the same point.                 At some point in life you see that you are the one who holds the strength to keep going, but you cannot expect                 everyone else to believe that too.

Sometimes even the smallest things in life can bring pleasure which make life better, one day at a time. An hour extra sleep in the morning or a stroll in the park at night are little things that warm your heart and bring a smile to your face that makes life better.

Steps to recognize your insecurities and deal with them

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Steps to recognize your insecurities and deal with them

Steps to recognize your insecurities and deal with them

Insecurities are a burden that all of us carry at some point in our lives, whether it is about how we look, what people think of us and many other reasons that cloud out minds. Though some of us are quite straightforward when it comes to dealing with our insecurities and better at managing them, others may keep it in their hearts and wear it on their sleeve, which is visible to everyone around them. Interacting at a caring and perceptive way involves realizing and understanding the insecurities of your own as well as other people around you. Getting a grasp on the insecurities that may be faced by some people will help you have a different approach towards them and help both of you understand at a fundamental level.

Adjust the angle of your perspective

Constantly doubting yourself over whether something is achievable or not, will keep you in the dark. Imagine what someone else would do in your situation and analyze whether you can do it too, and most often the answer would be “yes”. Fear is what fuels insecurity and in order to build up your confidence you must look past them and not limit yourself to the things you can achieve. Every time you approach a boulder in your life, say to yourself “what could be the worst and what could be the best that comes out of this?” Set a new perspective on the way you see the world and your insecurities will change everything that you thought was unachievable or too good for you.

Think of the good times

We tend to remember all the failures we have faced in our lives and start comparing them to our current situation. The truth is that every step we take in life is different than the one we took the last time, circumstances change and we must change with them. Think of the times you have succeeded in achieving things that seemed distant and let them be an inspiration to change the way you deal with your insecurities. A moment of success in life and remembering it to empower you for your next initiative will give you the courage to look past the hundreds of mistakes you may have made.

Inspire yourself to do better

There may captains and coaches, or leaders to inspire you in motives and help you overcome the securities that haunt you, but in most cases it only you who can talk yourself out of those insecurities. Every time an obstacle or a circumstance is too overwhelming and you start to doubt yourself, constantly say to yourself “you can do this” and that’s all the inspiration you will need to break through the chains of insecurity and self-doubt. You are the best motivator to inspire yourself and help get through the quicksand of insecurity, because you know yourself better than anyone else does.

How to maintain a healthy relationship with your family

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How to maintain a healthy relationship with your family

How to maintain a healthy relationship with your family

The importance of the relationship that you share with your family members, whether it is your father, mother or your siblings, does not need to be emphasized. As we grow up, we get used to taking our family for granted and often treat each other with disrespect but however, when we have our world crumbling around us, they are the first people we reach out to.

To feel appreciated by your family, it is important to give back the love and respect that you expect from your family and show how important their presence is to you. Although it may be your blood that ties you together, like every relationship a family needs to be nurtured with love and respect in order for it to bloom.

Make time for them: Just like love and friendship, healthy relationship with your family is a two way street and needs efforts from both sides. Although unconditional love is what makes a family wonderful, you must gain their appreciation by being there for them in their hour of need. Take time out of work and be there when they need you, it might not be much to you but it shows that you don’t take them for granted. Be the same way with your family and treat them with the same respect and dignity that you treat other people with.

Speak up: Regret is a terrible thing to live with, and constantly reminds you of things that should have been done, should have been said but weren’t. Never wait until it is too late to tell you family how much they matter to you, even if you like to keep your feelings to yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to let the people you love, know how much you truly admire them and what they mean to you.

Set an example for your children: Your relationship with your parents and siblings is directly related to the relationship your children will share with you and their siblings. Children are strong observers, and they notice the way you speak and treat your parents and siblings and learn from you how their behavior should be. Let your children know that you admired your family and they should do the same with theirs.

Learn to let go: It would be unnatural to hear of a family that never fights or siblings who never rough around, but it is important to realize that those fights or discontentment is not large enough to cloud your relationship. Holding a grudge will not only weaken your strong bond, but give way to petty disagreements to tear through the fabric of your family. Home is where you want to be at peace, not a place to feel dreaded and cornered.

Steps to handle criticism well and gracefully accept it

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Steps to handle criticism well and gracefully accept it  Dealing with criticism is a part of our day to day lives, whether it for a work report, a cooked meal or a story you’ve written. Defending one’s self is usually the follow up to criticism, sometimes even breaking down or lashing out at the person who criticizes us. Even though serious criticism might be hurtful and take a toll on your morale, there is a positive outlook towards criticism too, if we allow ourselves to see that side of it. Here are a few steps you can use to deal with criticism of all kinds and help you arise from them as a better person –

  • Keep a hold on your emotions: It is easy to get carried away when facing criticism and becoming defensive about yourself or just plain lashing out at the critic, but before saying anything at all you just need to take a deep breath. Give yourself enough time to relax and think about what you are going to say and how you are going to react before you actually say anything at all. When you are ready to talk, be open about what you hear or read from the critic and don’t let it get to your head. Just because you have been criticized for your work, it does not mean that the attack was meant personally. Even if the critic makes a personal comment over you, remember that it is their own opinion, which they have the right to form and speak out.
  • Criticism is the other side of improvement: If we do not move forward and constantly do then we will stand still and never move on and move forward towards better things. Humans aren’t perfect, the very definition of human is to make mistakes and the only way we can change ourselves is through criticism. Whether it is positive criticism or negative, it is our state of mind that decides whether we let it hurt us or help us boost our spirit to be a better person than we are today.
  • Than the person who criticized you: Although it may seem odd to appreciate the person who hurt you and even though they were offensive or rude in the way they criticized you, they have helped you realize that you can be a better person than you were. Remember that humility is what makes you better than the critic you was rude in their way of criticizing you and maybe help them realize that their way was wrong.
  • Take it lightly and let it go: Taking criticism lightly can help you completely dodge the negative aspect of it and  save you a lot of time that you would’ve spent of feeling sorry for yourself. Smiling or even better, laughing        criticism off takes the edge off the sharpness of the critic’s words and makes it a simple comment rather than     being hurtful or demoralizing. Criticism is about pointing out ones mistakes but that does not mean that the     person is bad. Even if you are the sweetest and juiciest peach out there, there will still be people who do not       like peaches.

Everyone is different; Stop comparing yourself to others

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Everyone is different; Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone is different; Stop comparing yourself to others

The people around us and the society have created an image of happiness as flawless looks, a job with a fat pay check, and fashionable clothes. This false image tricks us into believing that true happiness lies in these materialistic belongings and makes us compare what we have to what others possess. Comparing yourself to other people, may it be your friends, you siblings or just a random person is a bad habit because as important as all those things may seem, they aren’t the way to happiness. The true reality is that none of us are alike; everyone has a fingerprint that is unique to that person which shows that we were never meant to be like one another.

Since an early age, young minds are led to believe that they are supposed to look a certain way and function in a certain manner. Comparing yourself to how your peers look, how they walk how they talk how they are good at certain things, you forget to notice what qualities that only you possess makes you so wonderfully unique. We as humans have a tendency of always looking above us and noticing people who have it better off, but we forget to get up and look down where there are many who compare themselves to us and our life. Comparing yourself to popular people, celebrities and athletes is a terrible way to let yourself down and spirals you down into a wasteful state of mind that takes a toll on your self esteem.

You are beautiful the way you are, even if you don’t know it and don’t feel that way but the truth is that the people who adore you like you for the way you are. Comparing yourself to others shows that you are unhappy with your own image and want to change it. How could you expect others to love you if you can’t even love yourself for who you are? Do whatever makes you happy and stop comparing what others are doing. It’s the little things that matter and make you self loving, small comparisons of what you don’t have and others do will get you nowhere.

The only time you should look into someone else’s plate is to see whether they have enough as much as you do.

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How you can overcome Emotional Abuse

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How you can overcome Emotional Abuse

How you can overcome Emotional Abuse

An emotionally abusive relationship is something that can harm you in ways and leave mental scars that would linger long after the person who has caused the emotional abuse has left. The person at the receiving end of emotional abuse is in a state of mind which is difficult for themselves as well as for people around them because physical wounds heal, but emotional wounds stay with you forever.

But you need to liberate yourself from the shackles that the emotional abuse puts you through and work your way out with confidence and hope that everything will eventually be fine.

  • Release the difference between the people who cause emotional abuse and the ones who do not. Often your family life would be wonderful, but a single sibling or relative would cause you emotional distress, this does not mean that your family is the root cause of your emotional abuse. It just means that you need to distinguish the people who cause you the emotional stress and distance yourself from them and not the whole bunch.


  • Talk about what you have been through and express your feelings regarding what you feel now. Be open with people you are comfortable and confide in them whether it is your family, a trusted friend, your therapist or your significant other. Don’t let your emotional abuse be your “little secret”, you won’t be able to hold onto it forever so might as well bring it out in a healthy way.


  • Assert yourself although it may be a difficult thing to do after suffering the stick of emotional abuse for years, as it is in many cases. Your self confidence and esteem may be hitting rock bottom but that’s not the truth that is what emotional abuse does to a person. But you are stronger than you think you are and while leaning on your loved ones for support is necessary to stand on your feet. Once you’re up on your two feet, you can never back down and always keep pushing to never let emotional abuse get to you again.


  • There is more to you than the part of your life that has been haunted by your emotional abuse and although you are out of that pit, you need to fly out of it. What does not kill you only makes you stronger and you are stronger and brave enough to laugh after being through hell.


Steps to keep you can practice for continuous self motivation

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Steps to keep you can practice for continuous self motivation

Steps to keep you can practice for continuous self motivation

Every once in a while all of us hit the imaginary brick wall and find ourselves in motivational slumps that we need to pull out of.  Being motivated can be a periodic thing, we may be motivated to do something one night and be done with it by morning. The truth is being motivated for a long time and continuously is difficult, when there are so many things to deviate our minds. But just like everything else in life, it is achievable through building back towards it

1.      Give way to positivity – Being surrounded by positive vibes and people who motivate and appreciate your efforts is the streamline of continuous motivation. Receiving positivity over your efforts or your work at the job is a constant reminder that you are worth it. Giving out positivity, even if it is just a smile is enough to infuse positivity in your daily routine and keep your focus on what you’re working towards.

 2.      Be steady even if you’re slow – Keep things around that constantly remind you about your goal, whether it’s just a poster at the office or a small reminder. These things will slowly motivate you even though they may not make life altering changes, it will help you take the next step on your thousand mile journey.

 3.      Stop over-thinking it Just do it, one of the most famous slogans in the world is the truest motivational line you’ll even hear. Don’t think about the repercussion or future circumstances, just do it and be done with it. Over analyzing always makes you doubt the aspects and irrationally doubt yourself over it.

 4.      Keep going – Starting off on the right foot is just the beginning of the motivational journey, constant motivation should keep you on your path to the ultimate goal, whether it’s losing weight, excelling in studies or getting what you want. Stays focused on your current goals and use them with motivation.

 5.       Share your motivation – The spirit of sharing helps in motivating also, as you share motivation with others who are on the same path as you. When you motivate someone else to achieve their goals, a spirit of satisfaction uplifts your spirit and generates continuous motivation for you as well.

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