Me and Moodlytics

Me and Moodlytics

Currently we crafted Moodlytics by focusing on major class of people and age groups mentioned below. Mostly you should fit into one of these. Of course, your definition of happiness might be little different but you can always customize Moodlytics accordingly.

Teenagers & Students (Age group: 13-20) - For a college going student happiness is in getting a bit addition in a pocket money, bunking the class and hanging out with loved ones, last day of exam or first day of college as this stage of life is the most sensitive and base of whole life its necessary to know all the positive and negative feeling of your life and analyze the difference between right and wrong, for which we a guide is needed.

Professionals (Age group: 20-50) - Work is such an alcohol to life that a person forgets everything else the only aim is to achieve a benchmark in work. In this race many times we even forget that we are not machine we are human beings from time to time we need break and happiness in life. That happiness can be in spending time with family, calling a childhood friend, enjoying the favorite food in peace but we need someone who reminds us time to time that buddy lets grab some happiness.

Homemakers (Age group: 20-50) - is always busy in making every ones life perfect and full of happiness. Happiness is in very small and priceless moments like participating with kids in their studies and sports, spouse appraisal, etc. Maintaining the positivity of home is on homemakers shoulder but its only possible when the analyzed fact is available to us of all the positive and negative moods and moments.

Entrepreneurs (Age group: 20-50) - Bringing innovation in the society and preparing the base for upcoming generation is the passion and ultimate happiness in life. Their brain is a factory of ideas but heart knows feeling. Happiness means a product success, a positive review from customer, employee’s support. Everything is moving with jet speed in life who is going to take the responsibility of all moments and happiness.

Retired Persons (Age group: 50+) - A life where generally we think that we have lived our life now its time to rest no its not right still there are hidden folders in life from which our happiness is connected. Its time to share the experience and feel the eternal happiness. Happiness, which lies in evening walk with friends, morning tea with family, sharing life's experience with grand children and the most basic need is of a companion.

Naughty : Behaving disobediently or mischievously

Since two hours today I am in a naughty mood, irritating all my friends by sending message from my new number.