Blog What to do when your friends start to ignore you???

What to do when your friends start to ignore you???

What to do when your friends start to ignore you???At a number of situations you may have felt that even though you are sitting with your friends, you are no longer part of the conversation. Slowly you start to realize that your friends are ignoring you. You may not understand the reason behind that but start feeling left out. No more replies to your messages.. no more calls on weekends start making you feel bad. There may be some explanations for why your friends are ignoring you and some of them may be true too. These are some of the ways to deal with such situation and respond better:

  • Don’t feel alone: Yes the first thing that we feel when our friends ignore us is that we are left out alone. Stop thinking that way and remember that all the people on the earth must have felt the same at some point in their life.
  • Understand the situation: There may be number reasons why your friends are ignoring you. Death of a loved one or some personal issue that they don’t want to share with you due to some reason may be holding them back from talking to you. In such situation it is better to give them space and let them know by a message that you are always there for them.  So when things will be better for them they will come to you for a talk or for your support.
  • Talk to them: You may feel bad when you come to know that you were not part of the weekend plan that your friends had made for the last weekend. You may feel completely left out and dissapointed. In such situation it is better to let them know what you felt as it will help you people to clear any misunderstanding that prevails in your friendship. Many times your friends may come with explanations like they thought your were busy or sick or stuck with some family problems. Talking will help to clear misunderstandings and stop your friends from assuming things.
  • Engage yourself: If you feel that you are left alone at a party by your friends, then instead of feeling dissapointed try to strike a conversation with some people out there. You never know it may turn out to be a fresh start to a new friendship.
  • Pick up some activity: If you are at a occasion with your friends and all of a sudden you see that your friends are gone and everyone are busy with the event. You may feel left out and alone. Instead of feeling gloomy and sad about things, its better to take charge of some work and engage yourself. It will keep you busy and you will feel good. Interaction with people there will eventually lead to new connections and friendhips.
  • Analyze the situation: Sometimes you may feel that your friends are ignoring you but in reality they are not. It may be a simple misunderstanding. Your busy work schedule or other commitments of your friends may turn things bad. In such situation it is better to talk face to face. They may be surprised by your reaction if they had no such intentions.

Yes it very to know that your friends no longer want you with them. Instead of trying again and again to get their attention, accept the reality and move on. There may be many people around you who may care for your friendship and understand its worth. So make new friends and stay happy.

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