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Top 5 stress busting techniques

Top 5 stress busting techniquesStress is an emotional state of tension released by our body and mind when we are mentally disturbed due to some reason, either work related or personal. The main thing you should exercise whenever you are stressed out is try to find the cause of it. Remember, controlling situations around you may not be in your hand but controlling your reactions to it definitely is. This is the basis of stress busters. Besides in our daily life, you can’t detach yourself out of stress-related situations. The best possible way is to deal with them by finding suitable solutions. Lets us see some common stress busters that helps us to deal with stressful situations..

Reduce Temper – This is one common cause of stress in many people. When you realize that your temper is raising, first thing you should do is get yourself out of the situation to avoid further damage. When you are angry your mind is disturbed and you won’t be able to think coherently. Have some lone time and distract yourself in some other activity. This helps in calming you down and think logically which gives space to deal with your raised temper.

Work out – Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. You can easily distract yourself by working out. It helps to contract and relax your muscles and keep your body fit. Another good thing is that exercise induces endorphin, the natural feel good body hormone which reduces pain and brings up happiness that controls your mind’s response towards stress-related issues.

Avoid Multitasking – Having too many activities at a time can be very stressful. You can’t give enough concentration to finish each of the tasks on time and thus results in screwing things up. Hence it is always better to concentrate on one task at a time which ultimately relaxes your mind and reduces stress.

Laugh Out Loud – Laughter is a great medicine to relax your body and mind. When people laugh out loud, their heart and belly muscles allows them to relax and helps to forget about their catastrophe. It also mellows down the nervous system and boosts the immune system. Plus, laughing in itself is fun. Having fun helps you to think rationally and brings you out of stress.

Speak out – When something is bothering you it is always best to talk and share your problems with someone close to you. This would really help especially when you are in dilemma. It would lift your spirits and conjures up a clear picture in mind. Besides, speaking out is an effective way to reduce the burden of loads that you have been carrying with you.

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