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Childhood – the most beautiful and happier part of our life

June 22nd, 2012 No comments

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Everyone loves their child life, because it’s the life of joy, fun, naughtiness and happiness forever, everyday. Going school, playing with friends, watching cartoons, and most important mummy’s love.

All of us gets a deep dive in the Childhood life memories whenever someone says about their childhood, or speaks about kids. we all have been naughty at our childhood life, have done innocent mischief. It rewinds the life tape to lovely memories of our parents while we were a kid. Mom’s love, it tells how much your mom cares for you, how much she loves you. And we all also remember that how much our father loves us. The cookies and chocolates we got from our father, the joyful memories with our father can’t be forgotten.

What about your childhood, Share your childhood memories by comments, Share your Happiness to be more Happy.

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