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Steps to control Mood Swings

 Steps to control Mood SwingsMood Swings are defined as enormous or impulsive variations formed in the frame of mind. They are often experienced by a sudden shift of emotions usually from delight to distress or anguish to grief or pain and so on. At times, mood swings occur due to surrounding environment or situations. However, the depth of mood swings may sound out of proportion with the implication of actions. Sometimes there is no specific reasons for mood swings to occur. Moods can result from chemical diffusion in brain. Although psychiatrists suggest there is no known cause of mood swings, it may occur due to chemical imbalance in brain.

There are several ways to control mood swings. Let us see one by one:

  • Mood Log/Journal – One can track their moods by updating them on a mood journal or log date wise which helps to identify the sparks that may have led to mood swings when you go through it at a later stage.
  • Nutrition – One of the significant ways to control your mood swings can be consuming nutritious food. Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, medication etc can strongly increase or decrease the effect. Nothing should be consumed more than a limit.
  • Sleep – Insomnia/Sleeplessness may lead to body clock imbalance which in turn affects the appetite and energy level in the body resulting in foul moods. Hence proper sleep is essential to maintain a stable mood. Moreover, sleeping in a dark room without television or other such disturbance helps the body to recover from bad moods.
  • Exercise – Another good method to overcome mood swings is exercise. Exercise in calmness increases the release of endorphins, the natural hormone that induces positivity. Endorphin acts as an analgesics or even a sedative to improve mood.
  • Keep schedule – People who struggle with highs and lows may benefit to a large extent if they keep a regular schedule such as getting up early at a fixed time each morning as well as going to bed early at a fixed time each night.
  • Find a hobby – Whether it is playing a favorite sport or joining a yoga class or anything that fancies you, hobbies are an outlet that helps in balancing life. 
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