Blog Simple ways to keep your man interested in you.

Simple ways to keep your man interested in you.

Simple ways to keep your man interested in you.In the beginning of a relationship everything looks beautiful just like a fairy tale. Whatever you look at whether it is stars, moon, birds, flowers, etc everything makes you happy as you are in love. But after sometime you find that things are changing slowly. No more late night calls. No more roses. No more surprises. No more candlelight dinners.

All you can notice is that he is making excuses now and then to avoid you. You find that your boyfriend is no more that interested in you. What really happened between us??? is the only question that is left in your mind.

When it comes to start working back on your relationship, it is important to know what you need to change first within yourself.

It happens that in the beginning of your relationship or during your dating days, you always looked stunning. You took care of yourself like your dress, your perfume, the way you walk, the way you talk. You were conscious about the way how you carried yourself. It is true that after sometime the bright colors of the relation fades away. So it is here where you need to start working again.

Start doing things the way you did in the initial days of dating. Make sure you wear his favorite dress. Make some weekends plans. Don’t try to cling to him all the time and give him some space. Stop calling him now and then when he is out with his friends. Use your free time and go out with your friends or spend time with your family.

At times women have the habit of collecting tips from everywhere and using them all at once to get his attention back. STOP!! Don’t do that. It won’t help you out. Take each step slowly and cautiously.

  • Talk to him about what you are feeling right now in your relationship.
  • Make some small plans like preparing his favorite dish in dinner or taking him to his favorite restaurant.
  • Understand that everything is not physical, you need to have emotional bonding too.
  • Take a day off from your work and go out on a beach or cook your meals together. Spending time together improves your bonding.
  • Expressing your love by words and gesture once in a while will definitely improve the things.
  • At times the lack of spark in your relationship may also indicate that your relationship may not work as you expect. In such case, it is better to move on. You must know that you deserve to be with a guy who treats you well.
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