Blog Simple steps to fight daytime sleepiness

Simple steps to fight daytime sleepiness

Simple steps to fight daytime sleepiness


You must have experienced many times that after your lunch you are not able to keep your eyes open or you may be half asleep during those important meetings. All you feel is to close your eyes for some minutes and sleep. Sleeping in your working hours is never recommended. There are some important steps that can help you to ward off drowsiness and sleepiness during daytime.

  • It is necessary for an individual to sleep at least for seven hours daily, if not then you feel sleepy all the time. If you get less hours of sleep or have trouble sleeping adjust your daily work accordingly so that you can sleep straight for enough hours.
  • If you have trouble sleeping at night, then the best way is to fix your sleeping time. Set a time to go to bed and rise in the morning. In the beginning, rising time can be fixed if you find trouble to sleep on the set time at night. Building up a good sleeping habit will help you to stay awake during daytime.
  • Having meals rich in fat will make you lazy. So it is always recommended to take protein and carbohydrate rich food in lunch so that you get enough energy to sustain throughout the day.
  • Taking coffee in the evening also disrupts sleeping behavior. Caffeine has the property to let go lazy and drowsy feeling so that it ultimately troubles sleep during night time making you drowsy in the morning.
  • Drinking plenty of water hydrates your body. It makes all the organs to function well by better blood flow and ultimately awakens your mind.
  • If you feel sleepy on your desk, stand up and walk a few steps. Staring onto the monitor for hours also makes you feel drowsy, so close your eyes for a few minutes to alert yourself.
  • Light exercise or even a short walk for a few minutes or stretching your body is preferable when you feel sleepy.
  • Power nap of half an hour can also help you to overcome your sleep and makes you alert.

Doctor’s help can be taken if you experience more serious issues. Many a times some medical conditions may also be responsible for laziness and sleepiness during daytime.

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