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Reasons why people don’t take you serious | Solutions | Happiness |

Many people are facing the problem of being ignored, other don’t take them serious, neither gives respect to them. If you are also facing the same here is a solution. By getting through it and following this tips you will gain respect for your self and will get notices seriously in crowd.

Can’t keep Commitments / not keeping your promise

Often you make commitment or promises then later you can’t keep them. For example you tells your plans to your friends and family in excitement like doing some unusual work and later you get some trouble doing it, Or you says that you have planned an amazing trip to somewhere but somehow you get failure going there.

You should stop telling people about your plannings what are you going to do, Instead you should tell about what you already have done, it will not just save you from future embarrassment but will also keep you motivating to accomplish you future goals and plannings. Mostly those who gets things done are taken more seriously, and they are often granted more responsibility.

Poor way to get through official or personal work.

If you often start working on a project or some personal work without making a well plan for it, or an unplanned work, people will never consider you in a serious light at all.Self Motivation, Reasons why people don't take you seriously, why people don't take me seriously, why i'm considered immature oftern, personal life tips, happiness tips, fun,

The problem is that there is no follow through and goals are not already decided.  You should decide a goal and divide it into small parts so you will get more clear idea to achieve them. Make a step by step plan then go through your plan.

Mixture of Professional and personal life.

Many employees use to enjoy parties and drinks with their bosses and higher authorities. Many business owners are having unofficial hangouts with clients, so they will come to know your personal interest more deeply which will decrease the level of your professional impression on them.

It is good to share our personal interest with our professional connections , but it is better to keep your private life private and share it only with your family and trusted friends only, never share your private life with colleagues who might take you less seriously and even sometimes will make a joke of you.

More excuses and less work.

Many people wastes their time telling other how or why they couldn’t keep their promises and commitments, they don’t focus on their work and current situation and keeps talking about past failures.

Stop discussing the reasons of your fast failures because that all are just excuses. Create a step by step plan and decide goals then spend your time to achieve it, you will get success for sure if you do it in a right way.

Spending time with the wrong crowd.

Do you often hangout with the people who are too casual or flippant about life? Well it makes a wrong impression on others. They who doesn’t practices healthy living habits or behaves in a responsible manner makes a bad impression of you too.

Spend free your time with the people who are more successful. In your free time, try to learn new things of your interest or which is related to your profession.

Appearance and Body Language

Wearing a party wear or other non-professional dress during a business event, or wearing suite at a dance party makes a bad impression of your dressing sense, Your body language also make a big effect.

If you think you are not being considered serious and mature person, you should reconsider your attire and your body language. Dress-up as a professional during business events. Keep maturity in your speech. Never speak angrily it will make a bad impression of you on others, always try to keep claim and speak naturally.


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