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Quick nuts to be happy

Happiness is a deep sense of satisfaction, gladness and fulfillment as result of desirable event or a fruitful outcome. Happiness is not just a feeling in life but it makes the way to live a life.

It is a natural therapy which keeps us healthy. The person who remains happy in their life, sounds healthy and have a special charm on their face. They have magnetic sphere around them because of which attracts people towards them and enjoy their company.

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So why to waste time here and there lets checkout few quick tips to be happy in life.

  • 01 .Try rising early, nothing can be good than fresh air.
  • 02 .Do less, take time for life and fun.
  • 03 .Practice patience as it is said patience tree is having sweetest fruit.
  • 04 .Find your passion and run for that.
  • 05 .Exercise or meditate.
  • 06 .Get organized.
  • 07 .Simplify your finances.
  • 08 .Admit what you have.
  • 09 .Imagine your ultimate life.
  • 10 .Set long-term goals and evaluate them regularly.
  • 11 .Enjoy the journey.
  • 12 .Create a morning and evening routine.
  • 13 .Develop intimate relationships.
  • 14 .Build an emergency fund, you never know when you need it.
  • 15 .Use the power of others, it’s pleasure to do it as individually we all have limitations.
  • 16 .Spend time with family and loved ones.
  • 17 .Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • 18 .Be romantic.
  • 19 .Lose arguments you won’t enjoy whether you will loss or gain.
  • 20 .Single-task, simplicity is best policy.
  • 21 .Start small and slow as it’s stepping stone for big goal.
  • 22 .Help others.


These are very simple steps which can jell up easily in life. But once they are part of life, earth is also heaven after that.

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