Blog Moodlytics – 25 Resolutions for Happiness

Moodlytics – 25 Resolutions for Happiness

  • I will make happiness a worthy goal, for achieving it is entirely within my power.

  • I will use my feelings to tell me when things aren’t working for me.

  • I will let go of what I cannot change: other people, the past, and the future.

  • I will focus on what I can change–my thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and behavior, which will change how I feel.

  • I will appreciate the moment.

  • I will focus on what I have so that I experience abundance, remembering that unhappy people focus on what they want, and they feel deprived

  • I will be grateful.

  • I will believe that all people are equally valuable and worthy by virtue of being human, and that makes me valuable and worthy.

  • I will accept others as they are: valuable, loveable, unique and worthwhile.

  • I will stop assuming I know what others think and feel.

  • I will not judge others (or myself) because it is harsh and destructive.

  • I will let go of my ‘Shoulds’.

  • I will remember that other people’s actions are almost always about them, not about me.

  • I will communicate, ask questions and listen.

  • I will be curious.

  • I will lower my expectations.

  • I will remember that “being human” means being imperfect and making mistakes. And that’s all right.

  • I will take chances. I will be bold and take a stand.

  • I will live my values.

  • I will remind myself that “I don’t know” is a good answer.

  • I will listen to my body.

  • I will remember to breathe. Really breathe.

  • I will get enough sleep.

  • I will remember that if I ask for what I want and accept what I receive, I will get what I need.

  • I will live by the motto — “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace within the storm.”


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