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Live a simple life for a better life

Live a simple life for a better lifeIt has been seen that we run behind many things in our daily life. We want money to satisfy our materialistic life. Which has led to increased stress in our life. When things get out of control people feel the need for change. Certain questions start to haunt their mind like… But what kind of change that can be?  How can I change? What should be changed?… the answer is change your life… lead a simple life!!!

Some of the steps to achieve that are as follows…

Analyse your life: It is necessary for  a simple life to have a exact idea about the things you really need in your life. Know the things that you need to do, know the people whom you need the most in life and prioritze your work. Make a list of above things for your convinience and start focusing on them.

Know your priorities: It is very common of us to do go for multi tasking. We feel doing many things saves our time and it shows our working efficiency. But the answer is a big NO!! Actually we end up doing many things without perfection.  At times we make a big mess of things and ruin everthing. So it is better to concentrate on your work by realizing your priorities. Make a list of things that you need to do first and then start doing them one by one.

Plan little each day: it is necessary to plan your day and schedule. Start doing the important things rather than mixing up everything. Leave time between each work so that you will get enough time to rest and may not have to panic if your work takes time more than what you expected.

Keep your To do list sweet and short: When you plan your daily make sure you include the things which are necessary rather that including everything. It may happen that you may come up with some task which needs immediate action . so you must have time for that. So its better to keep your list short for such emergency tasks.

Enjoy what you do: It is necessary to enjoy your work while you are doing it. It will help you to retain your interest in your work.

Find time for yourself: Spend time doing what you like most. Spending some time for yourself, going on a walk, etc will releive stress.

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