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Happiness is not a matter of good fortune but it is all about our attitude towards life, how we see the situations & people in our life! In this fast moving world where we all are running behind our career, money, success, pleasure, love we have forgotten the core reason behind all these rat races which was to derive happiness.

Fact is that none of us wants to see the hard phase of life, we always pray to God to give us happiness but we forget that Happiness is like butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will go away from you.

Being happy is the ultimate goal! But it comes gradually to everyone from the deeds we do but let’s not forget that there is no defined path or short cuts to achieve happiness. And the interesting thing about the Word cum feeling HAPPINESS is that there is no perfect definition for happiness, it differs from person to person like some people feel happy in spending time with loved ones where as some feel happy in staying alone!

In fact, happiness is our private property; we don’t need any reason to be happy! But just the thing required is to feel it, to realize it! Staying happy is a fortunate thing, not every people get to feel it though they owe it because most of us rely on the reasons that are over taking us & affecting our lives, so we need to check out that why we are getting affected? If we see our whole past, present & future journey, it is transparent like water that everything that we are doing is directly or indirectly connected in the urge of happiness.

The person who is happy in real sense, who feels happy from his mind, soul & body can be said as the richest person on the earth. Actually, it is not just a simple word but it is a root to the self confidence & strong will power too. So an ultimate factor that makes you love your life!

Well, it is a rare thing despite of being common for which we always look forward & keep chasing. We can say that it is costlier than diamond & cheaper than water, it totally depends on us how we deal with it.

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