Blog It’s not an App, its Companion for Happiness, says Moodlytics – The Smart Mood Tracker App for Android and iPhone.

It’s not an App, its Companion for Happiness, says Moodlytics – The Smart Mood Tracker App for Android and iPhone.

Moodlytics – The Smart Mood Tracker

Moodlytics as an app tries to shower the most burning problem of achieving happiness and beating depression in life simply by tracking moods, without any other extra efforts.


Sounds amazing at first glance? Yes, now it’s possible too. Let’s explore a bit on how it actually works

Moodlytics facilitates you to monitor every moment of your life to achieve more and more happiness via tracking your moods. The more you track your moods; more precisely you would be able to monitor your life.

What makes us so special is to remind you from time to time in case you are too busy, like a real companion, to monitor how are you feeling right now and track that mood with details like a specific reason, any person, a special note or even a picture. Ability to monitor and track past moods too serves as icing on the cake.

Such monitoring will help you analyze whether you are happy or not. But what’s more exciting, unique and exclusive in Moodlytics is that it answers several other questions like:

  • Why or because of whom I am happy? How much happy?
  • Who makes me happy? Who doesn’t?
  • Which days, time and people influence my happiness? Who have greater impact on my life?
  • What to do if I am sad or depressed? How to overcome sadness and depression?

And a lot more…


Let’s dive more deeply on Moods, Happiness and its’ relation with Moodlytics

The philosophy of Moodlytics lays emphasis on happiness. It says Happiness comes from within. Happiness is inside us and is attainable. A happy day or a happy life is nothing but an accumulation of each smallest moment of life full of happiness. So Moodlytics found it’s way with an ultimate goal to solve the most common and universal problem, which is search for happiness. Moodlytics tries to identify the correct path for happiness.

Moodlytics tracks and monitors your day-to-day or even time-to-time moods. It tracks all the positive moments and factors of life helps for happiness in life and perform a root cause analysis for the negative factors and people directly or indirectly having influence in our life. Looks like quite easy! Yes of course it is. With Moodlytics we can track our moods, track the reasons and responsible persons for it. Also if required we can take notes of it or can associated/tag a photo for it. What makes it more special is in case if we are too busy and are unable to track moods on time (which will be the case for most of us) it allows us to track the mood later too. Wow! That means we can track moods for past also.

Looks good till now! Being a true companion, Moodlytics reminds us from time to time to track our mood, no matter we are running the application or not. So now failing to track or monitor moods regularly in a timely manner will never be the case. This proves its point of being companion.

By tracking moods regularly and performing a root cause analysis, we will find some amazing/surprising facts about our self, our life. These facts would not only help us to identify the positive factors and people in our life who plays a prominent role for destiny to Happiness but also to uniquely point out negative factors and people who acts as hurdle cum obstacle for our journey towards Happy life. Such analysis would yield a detailed and clearly pointing facts.

Thus tracking moods regularly, making it a habit and analyzing them to find the facts make our journey towards Happiness more comfortable and easy. But since these won’t happen in one blink of eye, Moodlytics comes with another simple, easy and yet very useful tool namely Goals. We can set goals to increase positive factors in life, reduce negative factors and then completely eliminating it from life. Goals will help to stay aligned and focused with our journey towards Happiness.

That’s why we say – It’s not an App, It’s Companion for Happiness. We bet no one would regret the time, which they will spend on trying Moodlytics. Try it out!

Latest version of Moodlytics available at:  Google Play (For Android)  iTunes AppStore (For iPhone)

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