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How to work on your anxiety disorders…

How to work on your anxiety disordersFor any human being it is natural to feel nervous while facing some situations in life like attending an exam, going for an interview, meeting your in-laws for the first time, your wedding, your child’s first day at school, etc. But things changes for some people. Instead of getting nervous and worried at some situations they end up getting worried all the time. Their emotions become overwhelming and it slowly starts to poke into their daily life. These are nothing but anxiety disorders. Let me tell you there are different types of anxiety disorders. To regain control back on your daily life, it is necessary to understand your disorder and start working on it.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety disorder are having trouble sleeping, constant worry about certain things, short breaths, fasting heartbeats,  feeling fatigue, getting irritated easily, etc. At times you may feel worried even though there is no apparent reason to worry about.

Some of the steps that you may take to help yourself from such anxiety attacks are:

  • Life is uncertain – accept that: It may turn out that you may be worried about many things which may never occur in your life. The worry of such things will kill your peace and you may not be able to live in the present. So it is better to accept that life is uncertain and certain unpleasant things may happen in your life.
  • Set time to worry: It is necessary to overcome your anxiety to make your day productive. So one of the method is to set a particular amount of time to worry when you get anxious than spending the whole day thinking about that. During the worry period try to understand the cause for your worry and don’t try to judge them. Understanding your worry will help you to overcome them faster.
  • Keep a journal: When you feel anxious write down it on a paper. Understanding your feelings and trying to write it down is a difficult task. But when you do that you will understand yourself better during the process. It will help you to control your feelings in future.
  • Eat healthy: Creating and carrying out healthy eating habit is an important task when it comes to your mind and body. Avoid tea, coffee and other energy drinks.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercises and workouts are natural stress busters which will help you to keep your mind calm.
  • Meditation: Doing yoga and following other meditation techniques will help you to calm your mind and body muscles.

In some cases symptoms may be severe. In such situation consulting a doctor is recommended.

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