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Four ways to fight your fear

Four ways to fight your fearIt is natural for a human being to be afraid of things which they know may harm them. Apart from that people are also afraid of things that they don’t know or are not familiar with. It means that fear is a negative emotion that resides within us. Fear can be for different things. Children are afraid of their parents and teachers while elders are afraid of religion and society. People become anxious and stressed out when they experience fear. It means that fear is such a dominating emotion that overrides all other emotions and makes us sit blank with anxiety. Some of the steps to fight your fear are:

Face your fear: One of the best ways to overcome your fear is to face it. If you are afraid of using a lift then taking the stairs is okay but next time make a little time and stand inside the lift. Feel the environment inside the lift and try to tell yourself that it is okay to be there. After such few attempts you will notice that you are be able to take lift instead of stairs.

Take deep breaths: The moment you are facing the fear you will notice that you are having quick shallow breaths.  Concentrate on your breathing, try to take each breathe slowly and steadily. Tell yourself that everything is okay and you are in control of everything.  It will help you to calm you down and think things with sense.

Be prepared for the worst: Many times you may be afraid to face a difficult situation. It is better to imagine about the worst outputs that are possible and prepare yourself for all that. It will take away the element of surprise if things go wrong and will give you the time to think and find out the alternative way.

Get ready to act calm: It may happen that you might not be ready for a particular situation as it creates panic within you. There may be a seminar and you are supposed to give a speech. You know well that things are not going to turn good with you and you may end up spoiling the whole speech. At that moment take a break, tell yourself that things will go fine and face the situation with confidence.

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