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Dealing with your stage fright

Dealing with your stage frightStage fright is a state of anxiety or fear that arouses when a person has to address an audience or give a performance on stage. It may arise even if a person is actually ready to perform well. There are different outcome of stage fright. Many people feel to avoid the situation rather than face it. They get negative thoughts in their mind when they are about to face the audience. Such people experience increased heartbeat, trembling legs and even dry mouth when they are about to get on the stage.  Many dancers and musicians have to deal with such situation each and every time they get on stage. Some of the ways to deal with stage fright are:

Deep breathing: It has been seen that many people have short breathes when they get anxious. So it is better have controlled deep breathes as it will help you to get control over your emotions and come out of the panic situation.

Practice:  At times people experience stage fright as they are not sure about their ability to perform at that moment. As a result they lack self confidence. It is highly recommended that you should rehearse your act or speech before getting on the stage. It will help you to gain back your self confidence and perform well.

Stay positive: Many people get negative thoughts racing through their mind when they are about to get on the stage. It affects their performance or speech. So it is necessary for them to have positive thoughts present in their mind when they are about to give their performance.

Stop judging yourself: It may happen that you may be worried about how the audience will think if you make some mistakes on the stage. Missing some lines from your song or forgetting a step while dancing or filling your speech with ‘umms’ or ‘ahhs’ won’t make your audience to start to hate you. They may laugh at your mistakes just like you. So you may stop making a big deal of your small mistakes.

Sleep well: It is recommended that you must have a good sleep before your big day as it will help you to stay fresh and will affect your performance in a positive way.

Exercise: Doing some exercise regularly or even stretching your muscles before the performance will help you to stay calm. Practicing meditation and yoga will also give positive results.

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