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Beat negative thoughts in 6 little simple steps

Beat negative thoughts in 6 little simple stepsYou just can’t live in that negative way… Make way for the positive day – Bob Marley

It has happened to me many times that I get stressed due to some incident or due to some person. It may be due to the way someone talked to me or the way things turned out. I feel a pain in my stomach and find it difficult to calm my mind. I have many thoughts racing through my mind making things more miserable for me. I lose track of the present time and spend hours pondering over the issue and if by chance someone happens to come to me and talk I end up fighting with them. I feel bad for myself when my mind calms down and I realize the desperate need to come out of negative thoughts. There I end up with many questions… How can I do that? How negative thoughts can be controlled? Why negative thoughts affect me so much???

Sooner or later I realized that it is necessary to control these negative thoughts and get back the control of my life. Some of the tips to control negative thoughts are…

  • We all have the habit of thinking so much. “I’m fired from job, my life is ruined… What will happen if I don’t get a job now?” Stop assuming things; over thinking will lead to dissatisfaction and bad mood. Let the things go in the flow and understand that things will change with time.
  • Practicing yoga is one of the best methods to ward off negative thinking. By practicing yoga you will learn to relax your body and mind. You will learn to practice the art of concentrating on your breaths and improve your focus on the present.
  • You must have noticed that holding some jasmine flowers in your hand for sometime leaves it fragrance there. Same applies for people with bright thoughts. Having the company of these people will help you to stay with bright and vibrant mind. They will always talk and share good thoughts with you and eventually release you from negativity.
  • Understanding the situation is important. So assure yourself that the problem and your thoughts both are temporary and will go away soon so better try focusing things that you need to do get out of them.
  • Spend time doing good things like helping an underprivileged child with studies or helping people at hospitals. It will help you to gain a sense of satisfaction and make you feel good.
  • It is necessary to carry a smile with you because people will reciprocate it back at you and you feel better seeing that.
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