Blog 6 Tips to control anxiety during presentation

6 Tips to control anxiety during presentation

6 Tips to control anxiety during presentation

6 Tips to control anxiety during presentation

When it comes to the large vast population on the globe, a large number of people are anxious and nervous to address the crowd. Controlling anxiety is not an easy job when you see many strangers looking at you. You need to accumulate strength to face them and talk to them. Some of the tips to control anxiety during presentation are

Understand your audience

Know the kind of the people who are sitting in the audience facing you. Yes it makes people nervous to see many eyes staring at them. Analyze the crowd and try to find the people with whom you can connect with. You can even choose the known people from the crowd.

Understand your presentation topic

Try spending maximum time reading about the topic you are about to present. It may happen that you may be forced to give a presentation on the topic you are least interested in. In such situation try to find out an interesting part of the topic and focus on that.

Work on your presentation

Be prepared with the topic that you are going to present. Being well prepared makes you more confident. It is even better to test your presentation aids before the actual presentation. It will help you to work on them if they are faulty.

Be in your control

Try to take control of the situation when you are giving the presentation. Set up the stage as you want so as to feel stress free.

Practice your presentation

One of the important steps to overcome your anxiety is to practice doing that. Try giving the presentation in front of the mirror. You can thereby hear what you are saving and make changes wherever you want. Analyze your gestures and try to work on some to bring the best in you.


Try to do some exercise on the day when you are going to give the presentation. Doing some physical exercise will reduce stress and anxiety. Try getting enough sleep before the presentation as it will your mind fresh for the presentation.

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