Blog 5 Tips on how to balance your personal and professional life

5 Tips on how to balance your personal and professional life

5 Tips on how to balance your personal and professional lifeI have many friends who often complain that they don’t get enough time with their family. Their professional life is interfering with their personal life. Spending a weekend with kids or a small chat with hubby over an evening coffee or watching your son playing soccer or taking your kids to their favorite show at times feels like a distant dream. Imbalance in personal and professional life creates lots of stress on an individual. From my experience I personally know how difficult it is to manage work and home. But let me tell you there are some tips that will help you to find balance between your personal and professional life to an extent.

Make a list: The first thing that you need to do in the morning is to make a list of activities that you are supposed to do today. The list must have both personal and professional tasks. Now mention the time of activities which you are supposed to carry out at the decided time. By doing so you will be able to arrange your other tasks in the time slot according to their priority. Try to avoid the things which are not in your priority list so that you can fit some other tasks there. Now fix these things in your mind.

Plan your activities at home: Many of us have the habit to get up late in the morning, take shower and run for office. These people complain of not having enough time with family. The other option is to wake up a little early so that you will able to spend some time with your family. Try to cover the tasks which are necessary and leave behind the optional tasks.

Plan your day at office: Once you reach your workplace, the first thing you need to do is to look into your tasks and arrange them according to their priority. It will help you to get free on time in the evening rather than caught doing some important last minute tasks.

Find time for yourself: Going for a walk or planning a family outing or watching your favorite show are some of the things we miss in our hectic schedule. Once or twice in a week try to find some time for the activities that you love doing. By doing so you will feel refreshed.

Free your precious time: There will be number of people or activities that come across our daily activities who/which are not useful to us. Find such people or activities and try to avoid them. It will help you to complete your tasks early and leave your office on time so that you can spend rest of your day with your family or doing tasks that you want to do.

Finding a balance is not that easy but surely making some attempts towards that will give you some results.

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