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5 Steps to help you Sleep Better

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5 Steps to help you Sleep Better

5 Steps to help you Sleep Better

Even after a tiresome day, you may struggle to doze off into dreamland and no matter how many toss and turns you make, it doesn’t help. Going to work the next day is stressful because you don’t feel well rested and the whole day just seems to be a drag. Unable to sleep comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean insomnia or a sleeping disorder; sometimes all you need to do is tune your habits according to your sleeping style.

Although you may be unable to control all the aspects that affect your sleep, you can adopt these habits that help you sleep better.

  • Make a sleep schedule and stick to it:- Plan your sleep time just as you would plan your day, even on holidays and weekends. Being regular in your sleeping time induces a sleep cycle in your body which helps you gradually feel sleepy when you need to. If you can’t fall asleep, get up relax yourself and then try again going back to sleep.
  • Attend to what you drink and eat:- You should not go to bed too stuffed or too hungry since your discomfort might keep you awake. Also limit yourself to the amount of drinks you have before bed time to avoid trips to the toilet in the middle of a good night. Substances like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine should be used with caution too. The effects can take hours to wear off and sleep won’t come easy under the effect of these substances.
  • Comfortable Sleeping Environment:- Forming a bedroom and a bed which suits you best is essential for a good sleep, which means a space that is dark, cool and quiet. A good mattress and comfortable pillows are something worth investing in and if you’re married make sure your bed has enough room for two. Maintaining a good posture while sleeping is essential, try sleeping straight and sideways rather than on your stomach to support your spine and neck.
  • Limiting Daytime Naps:- If you’re habitual to sleeping during the day time, it could definitely interrupt your night sleeping patterns. However if you choose to nap during the day, try to make it no more than 10 to 30 minutes a day mid afternoon, so that it isn’t too close to your night sleep schedule. In case you work in night shifts, make sure you keep your windows covered and adjust your alarms to avoid disrupting your day time sleep.
  • Avoid stressing to sleep better:- When there’s too much to do the next day and too many things to worry about, a disturbed sleep is a common phenomenon. So the only way around it is to remove the source of sleep disruption, which is stress. Organize your work before you go to sleep so that there’s no need to worry about it, set priorities and schedule your work for the upcoming day.

Restless sleeping is as common as cold, but sometimes if it is too consistent, it could take a toll on your body. If none of the above steps are completely affective, try consulting an expert to help identify and diagnose your condition and help you get the rest that you deserve.

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4 Tips to overcome panic attacks

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4 Tips to overcome panic attacks

4 Tips to overcome panic attacks

It becomes very difficult for people to overcome the panic attack and act normally soon. Many people experience panic attacks for known and unknown reasons. The best way to comeout your panic attack is by understanding it and thereby accepting it. This article will tell you some of the tips to overcome panic attack.

Breathe slowly

In such situations our breathing may go to out of your control. So start breathing slowly with your nose and exhale through your mouth. It will help to slow down your breathing and getting enough oxygen that you need.

Move away from where you are

It may happen that you may get panic attack at a place which is crowded or you may be at your office desk doing some urgent work. Stop everything and move towards a calm place. It will help you to regain peace of mind and act normal.

Talk to someone

Talk to people whom you can trust. It will help you to get answers for your trouble. When you will express yourself others will be able to give you some logical reasoning for the things.

AWARE technique

Last but not lease learn to use AWARE technique. AWARE technique means

A – Accept your panic attack and stop fighting it.

W – Wait and Watch. Try to yourself that things are happening outside your body so simply watch them and understand.

A – Act calm. Tell yourself that things are in your control and you can overcome your panic attack.

R – Repeats them till you become calm. Repeat the above steps till things get better for you.

E – Expect things to get normal soon. Understand that the situation is temporary and things will change soon and become normal. Be realistic and tell yourself that you can get through this.

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Steps to Deal with people talking behind your back

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Steps to Deal with people talking behind your back

Steps to Deal with people talking behind your back

“Be glad that someone talks behind your back, it means you’re far ahead of them!”

How do you react when you feel that people are talking behind your back? It is an awful feeling and not at all pleasant to deal with, no matter the people talking behind your back are your friends, or your co-workers. However, you do have choices, from not reacting and ignoring it, to trying to confront the gossiping person. All of it is dependent upon on the context and how you respond to the person who has been talking behind your back.

  • Being sure that the gossip is about you: - Assuming that you are the target of the gossip among your peers or colleagues would not be the best thing to do. You could go chasing around trying to confront the suspect, only to find out that the gossip had nothing to do with you in the first place. Don’t trust a rumor is about you unless you are certain about it, or you have caught the gossiper red handed yourself. Without any proof or evidence, it would be wrong to judge whether someone has been gossiping about you behind your back.
  • Talk about it to people who care: – Knowing that people are discussing you behind your back can be frustrating and depressing. Talk about it to the people you trust, your friends or colleagues who you feel care about what you’re going through. But be vary of whom you open up to, the person could be more inclined towards the person who is spreading the gossip. Try explaining yourself to your confidants and they will surely defend you and disregard any rumor they hear about you.


  • Choose to ignore the gossiper: – The best thing you can do when you are being talked about is not overreact, which though is not easy, always helps. Whether or not you wish to confront the person who has been talking behind your back, keep your calm and be laid back. Realizing what motivates the gossiper to talk about you is half the victory. All you have to do is change that, you would end the source of the gossip and hence end it altogether.
  • Resolve by Confrontation: – Sometimes the gossip get out of hand, and ignoring just won’t do. The only thing you can do is confront the person, but yet do it with complete calmness and speak in control. Having people to back you up, or evidence to prove that the suspect have been gossiping you is what you should worry about before confronting them. Be casual in letting them know that you are aware of them talking behind your back, in most cases a subtle gesture is enough to end it.

 Sometimes when the subtlety is out of question, being straightforward and letting the person know that you resent that they gossip about you, is your best option. If the suspect tends to make any excuses, just shrug off; let them know that back biting is not appreciated.

4 steps to attain mental peace

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4 steps to attain mental peace

4 steps to attain mental peace

For any individual it is not easy to keep the mind calm and stay away from thoughts and thereby have mental peace. If you have any tension then it will keep your mind busy with different thoughts. It is not easy to keep thoughts that you want to ignore away from the mind. They keep on recurring and keep you disturbed. Mind is the part of the body which controls everything else but hard to be controlled. Some of the steps to keep your thoughts in control and attain mental peace are :

  • Take a break: It is necessary to give yourself a break if you are stressed out badly. A break from your office or from day to day chores of your home will do magic for you. Spend time lavishly doing things that you have always longed doing for or spend a day doing nothing just by sipping a glass of juice. Sometimes all you need may be a break nothing else.
  • Find inner peace: Yes most of us are materialistic and aims at having many things in life. But it is not always easy to have everything we want for. So it is better to be contented in life and remain happy with what you have in life. Less expectation from life will eventually lead to mental peace.
  • Talk to people: Sometimes talking about your problem with others may turn out to bring some solution. That person may be your parent or your friend or even someone special. Let them give their views on the whole issue and even stand with you in your hour of trouble. Telling someone about the problem will definitely give you some peace of mind as you know you are not alone there.
  • Lessen your expectation: We all have many expectations from life. At times that may turn dangerous too. Running behind such things may ultimately disturb your mental peace. So it is better to have fewer expectations from life and have a peaceful life.

Life Lessons you should learn before it’s too late

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Life Lessons you should learn before it’s too late

Life Lessons you should learn before it’s too late

In a few ways down the road you’ll be asking yourself, how things went by so soon, but before that moment arrives, take your time to figure out your life. Find time for things before it’s too late to realize what you want do and what you don’t. Life with a little risk, don’t be safe all the time. Find time to smile, cry, laugh, love and forgive, life is too short than it may seem.

  •  Life is right now: - Living isn’t the time between your time of birth and death, it is the moment you spend every breath. Life is in the present, so life each moment without a single regret or fear, doing the best you can with each moment.
  •  A lifetime isn’t as long as it seems:- It may seem in your youth, that a lifetime is long enough to do the things we want, but often people fall short and regret never having done the things they wanted to while they could. So live for what you believe in, live for what you think is right, live for the people who love you and you love back. 
  • Today’s sacrifices will pay off tomorrow: - When life becomes tiresome, and the burden seems too much to handle, remember that what goes around does come around. Nothing ever goes unaccounted for, from the smallest gestures to the gallant efforts. You just have to ask yourself, are you willing to live a few years of your life like many wont, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t?
  • Actions are what define a person: – In your lifetime, you will encounter many people who will say the right things at the right time, but the true test of their mettle is by their actions and not their words. Though words may deceive you, their actions will bring out their true nature and intentions, so pay attention to what they do and not what they say.
  • Small act of kindness at a time: – Every drop of water makes the oceans, similarly every single selfless act of kindness is what brings about the big changes. Culture the habit of giving, it develops kindness which a virtue not everyone possesses. Learn to give, even if it’s just a simple smile, not because you have everything you want, but at least you have more than what others do.
  • Everything heals with time: – In life, we will come across people and obstacles that will hurt us, sometimes physically but they may hurt us mentally even more. But the truth of life is that everything heals, whether wounds of the flesh or wounds of the soul, everything revives with time. The further life takes you; you’ll realize that the only way to move on is to move forward. No matter how much it hurts, though it may feel that you’ll never make it through, all you have to do is let time do the healing.

Good things will be visited upon by those who believe in the goodness the world has to offer, not because they have never been disappointed, but because they have learned to look past it. If you have spent your time doing something that you truly enjoy, then it isn’t time that you have wasted, it is the time you have well spent.



6 tips on time management to reduce stress

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6 tips on time management to reduce stress

6 tips on time management to reduce stress

We must have by now understood that stress is an inseparable element of our life. Each and every day of our life is filled with stress. The main reason for stress is lack of proper rest. In today’s hectic world it becomes hard to make time and rest. So it becomes necessary to make some attempt to reduce stress by proper time management. Some of the steps to manage time better are as follows:

  • Daily planning: Make it a habit to plan daily tasks as it will help to know the activities that you will be doing today. Thereby you will be even able to plan some free time for yourself in between your tasks.  Taking break between your tasks will leave you with less stress.
  • Identify your priority: It may happen that you may be spending a lot of time doing things which are not of much importance to you. So you may end up getting less time to do important work. So it is important to identify the priority of your tasks and plan your day accordingly. It will help you to reduce stress.
  • Less important tasks can wait: If you know that your day is going to be hectic then learn to say no to ‘not so important’ tasks.  It is a very difficult job. But once you know to handle it you will find that you can reduce stress to a large extend.
  • Plan more time for important work: If you know that you are going to take up some important task tomorrow then it is better to sit and plan your day so that you can get rid of unimportant tasks so as to get extra time for your important task. This will help you to take your time and do your job perfectly and reduce stress.
  • A Big task into small chunks: If you have a big task to be completed within a time limit, then the best thing is to break it down into small tasks and get them done quickly. So when you go on completely each small task you will feel good about yourself which will eventually reduce stress.
  • Proper sleep and exercise: Proper sleep and a good exercise are necessary for a healthy mind and body. So spend time doing that as it will reduce your stress level. Giving rest to the brain will increase the efficiency of the brain and will make it more active to complete tasks swiftly.

8 Steps to Deal with Difficult People

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8 Steps to Deal with Difficult People

8 Steps to Deal with Difficult People

Whether its school, home or work, you’ll come across people who are just plain hard to get along with. While they may be your siblings, your friends or even your colleagues, at some point in life, everyone is a little difficult to deal with. There may be moments when people find you difficult to deal with too; eventually you have to work on yourself and with the people around you to overcome it.

There are strategies we can use to deal with such people and try to work together, avoiding any conflict that may arise along the way

1.      Change your Mindset:-

The first person you can start working on to make your life easier is yourself. If a person who is difficult to deal and isn’t ready to change, work on changing yourself for the mutual benefits. You may not be able to change the way the person behaves or reacts, but you can change the way you react to their behavior, making it easier to avoid conflicts.

 2.      Don’t take it personally:-

It is important to remember that some people are just difficult to deal with, no matter if you have a personal or professional relationship with them. Anything negative they say or do is probably because of their behavioral characteristics, and not because of something you did. Blaming yourself or taking things personally is not a solution, rather try understanding how to maneuver them into getting things done, without raising a conflict.

 3.      Value your Time:-

Some people are not worth fussing over or messing with, you need to know the value of your time. Unless confrontation is inevitable, try to avoid it, you’ll save valuable time and effort since you can’t convince someone to change their way of thinking. Be diplomatic when you are dealing with difficult people, keep healthy distances whenever necessary.

 4.      Become Proactive rather than Reactive:-

When you feel that someone was offensive in their ways towards you, try viewing the situation from different angles before you quickly react and make the situation worse. A person who is difficult to deal with will often be hyper reactive, fighting fire with fire will only ignite a conflict. Widening your perspective about people will help you deal with them in a healthy way.

 5.      Be Humorous when you interact:-

Humor is a great tool when dealing with people who are being difficult to deal with. When used appropriately, humor can help disarm the difficult behavior and show that you’re above pettiness. Being friendly with a person, no matter who they are will result in a warmer approach, which will open up the person to reasoning and understanding.

 6.      Be Kind and Accommodating:-

Honey will attract more flies than vinegar, in the same manner; a sweet and friendly person will be more appealing than a bitter and cold one. No matter how difficult the other person is to deal with, being constantly pleasant will make it hard for the other person to fight back. When it’s hard to make the other person friendly, change your attitude so that they are compelled to change theirs.

 7.      Talk to your Friends and Colleagues about it:-

If you’ve tried everything in your power to be hospitable to the difficult person, talk to your peers, maybe you’re not alone. Talking to other people may help you find ways of dealing with the difficult person. Gossiping is no good if the conversation doesn’t help you solve your problem. Miscommunication can further severe your relationship with the difficult person.

 8.      Politely Confront them:-

In some cases, the person is just terribly misunderstood. Everyone has problems that they deal with every day; maybe their problems compel them to be harsh and uninviting. Talk to them in private and honestly put forward your issues, all the problems between you and the person might be resolved by this. Having a frank discussion would help clear the air and may give you both a fresh start.

6 tips on how to avoid distractions at work and stay focused

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6 tips on how to avoid distractions at work and stay focusedIt is not possible to avoid all kinds of distractions and stay focused on the work no matter what happens. May it be at home or at office we have many things which can distract us from our focus. It is a true fact that no one can stay focused all the time and that we all get distracted. But it is important to understand our situation and try to bring our senses back to work. Some of the tips that will help you to stay focused are:

  • Switch off your phones : If you are a busy person then it will be not a new thing for you if your phone rings every now and then. Answering them always will not let you to concentrate on other works. So it is better to keep your phone switched off when you are working on other things. Set a particular time to answer the calls and reply the texts back.
  • Plan your schedule :Yes it is necessary to plan your schedule before starting on a new project. Make sure to complete all your pending tasks and make enough time for your project.
  • Plan daily little tasks :It is necessary to settle all your daily small chores before starting your planned project. It will help you from getting distracted and thinking about all those works.
  • Work offline :Yes when you are working online you always have the urge to go through all the social sites and look for latest updates. By keeping the internet connection off and working offline will help you to stay focused.
  • Keep the door closed :Yes it a good habit to keep the door of your office closed when you are working. It will help you to avoid unnecessary voices and distractions from the outside world.
  • Keep everything handy :It is a very good practice to make a list of all the things that you will need beside you before you start your work. It may be your research work to files or water bottles to snacks. But make sure you have everything with you so that you don’t have to get up from that place unnecessarily.

5 ways to improve your Relationship with your Parents

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Hold dear to your parents, for the world it is a scary and confusing place without them.

5 ways to improve your Relationship with your ParentsRelationships are sometimes the hardest things to work on, because they involve equal devotion from the other person too. The relationship between parents and their child is one that the words would fall short to describe. There are many relationships we will come across in life but the relationship we share with our parents is something that stays with us forever.

But everything in life comes with challenges, we are nothing but human. We are bound to make mistakes, judge each other wrongly, even distance ourselves from the people we love the most, and the ones who love us back. There are aspects of our life that we can change to deal with our parent – child relationship in better ways.

 1. Try to let go of the Baggage: – Your relationship with your parents is different from those that you experience with others. The longer you have known someone, the more hurtful things you deal with which involves them. These things are nothing but baggage that weighs down the relationship. Since you spend all your young life with your parents, there are always instances which make you resent them for some of their actions or words. The goal is to move past this baggage that is weighing down your relationship with your parents. Learn to let go of things that have hurt you in the past, don’t let them scar your present.

2. Communicate with them: - Most of the problems between children and parents arise when the communication is thinned or just lost altogether. Talk through your problems and listen to theirs too, speaking up is the key to mending relationships. You might be fine with where you are with your parents today, but tomorrow you’ll regret not linking your connections back when you could. Communication is required both ways; try to make it through your side strong enough.

 3.  Settle the Differences: - Two people are never of like mind, so don’t expect your parents to understand you exactly the way you do. Your objective may differ from that of your parents because you see the world from a different modern perspective. If the view on certain aspects of life is different between you and your parents, play your part in explaining them your outlook. While many differences may never be resolved, start by resolving the small ones and they will make way for resolution of bigger differences.

 4.  Lessen the Generation Gap: – Your parents were born in a different time than you were, things that may seen customary to them may seem like a waste to you. We all have deep seated beliefs when it comes to mindset, worldly views, and philosophy on life and also about how we express love. The generation gap is something that’ll always be there, all we can do is try our best is to bridge it without understanding and trust in each other.

 5.  Giving them their share of Happiness: – While it may be difficult for you to remember, but the first people who were there for you in your life were your parents. They are your first friends, before you start considering them as something other than that. No matter how terrible our past has been with our parents, we all can go back to a moment when we felt the warmth of our mother’s and father’s love. Let those memories help you realize that you owe sharing you love with them, no matter how much life has changed, they still deserve to be an essential part of your life.

 It doesn’t matter what the condition of your relationship with your parents is today, believe that it can become better; if you wish to make it better tomorrow. You may feel like giving up on your relationship with your parents. Don’t spend your life thinking it is irreparable; whatever has gone wrong can be mended

How to learn from your mistakes

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How to learn from your mistakesThe first important thing that we need to know is that we don’t make mistakes rather we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are the kind of the lesson we get from life. Yes many of us make mistakes in life. Making mistakes doesn’t make us a weak or foolish person. It may have happened many times that you may have spill the juice on your friend or send a wrong text to your client when you were in a hurry. Such things may happen accept that.

But we have a habit to punish ourselves for our mistakes. Well, next time when you make a mistake first understand that you have got a new lesson to learn. It helps you to improve yourself where you are less efficient. Understand your mistake well, know where you went wrong and try to find the solution for that. On the other hand there are some people who will never accept their mistakes. They will play the blame game or make excuse for the mistake.

Three ways to learn from your mistakes and make things better and are:

Make mistakes

The first thing you must understand is that you are a human being and humans make mistakes. It is natural for us to make wrong judgment or bad choices. So the next time if you end up doing something wrong accept that and learn from your mistake. Crying over your mistake or feeling disappointed will do no good to you. You may make a mistake again and again until you learn from that and act better next time. You must have heard that ‘we learn from experiences – it’s the best teacher’.

Create awareness

Yes you may make mistake many times but trying to avoid it will make things better. Try to look for the blunders you may make while doing a task by analyzing it properly and acting early. It is necessary to know the effect of your mistakes on others. Like it may happen that your words may influence others. So you must carefully use them instead of using them wrongly. It may even happen that you may not mean to hurt others but you may land up saying something that offend others.

Learn to take responsibility of your mistakes

Yes it’s true that it is really very hard to stand up and say that you are wrong. It needs courage and humbleness to do so. When you do so it means that you are a responsible person who wants to make things better. You even have the attitude to make things right whether it is for your work or wrongly spoken words. By doing so you are respecting yourself as well as the other person. You learn to make relationships better by learning to take responsibility of your mistakes.